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Cut and Quilt Your Blocks – Let’s Make a Quilt

I like to quilt my blocks before I add applique. It makes the process so easy and fun! Just zoom back and forth on the sewing machine and you’re done. 🙂

Some people prefer to applique first and then quilt around it – that’s fine too! The quilting lines CAN show through the applique pieces – especially if you’re appliqueing with a light-colored or solid fabric.

All of my applique quilts except Paper Dolls are built on a 10″ finished square block. The Dinosaurs quilt has the option of making special two-color landscape blocks.

If you’re making Paper Dolls, follow that pattern’s instructions for cutting your blocks.

If you’re making Dinosaurs and want to use the landscape blocks, get those instructions here.

For everything else, cut your main squares 11 inches. That doesn’t have to be a perfect cut, it just needs to be bigger than 10 1/2″ square, because that’s the size you’ll trim down to after you finish your applique and quilting.

If your quilt includes half blocks (like the word blocks in Beep Beep or Noisy Farm) cut those 6 inches x 11 inches.

If your quilt includes double blocks (like in Sea Creatures) cut those blocks 11 inches x 21 inches.

Cut a piece of batting the same size for each block. Again – this doesn’t have to be exact. I often cut my batting just a smidge bigger than my background fabric. I like being able to see it all the way around when I layer the pieces together.

You do not need to prewash your batting, but I recommend pressing your squares (with steam) and letting them cool before layering them with your fabric.

Layer a square of fabric over the batting, quilt those two layers together (no backing!), then press them again (with steam) and set them aside to wait for applique.

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