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Archives: Week Fifteen

Let’s tiptoe down memory lane to see what I was doing during the fifteenth week of every year since the start of Shiny Happy World. 🙂 Click on the images to go to the posts.

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How to Sew Napped Fabrics - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Velvet and corduroy can make such fun projects – but they creep like crazy when you sew them. Here’s how to counter the creeping. 🙂


***Included in Week 15 Sale***

This is one of the very first amigurumi I ever made. I still love it!


***Included in Week 15 Sale***

I love this little weirdo.


It could be a cardinal, a blue jay, a cedar waxwing, a tufted titmouse. Just change the colors!


How to Count the Number of Stitches in a Round of Crochet - a tutorial from FreshStitches and Shiny Happy World

A necessary skill for making amigurumi – and not at all tricky once you know how to do it.


Fun Faux Fur Makes Extra Awesome Rag Doll Hair - tips from Shiny Happy World

This makes SUCH fun dolls!


Dinosaurs - an easy applique quilt pattern from Shiny Happy World
***Included in Week 15 Sale***

Everyone loves dinosaurs, right?


Play with Your Layouts - Multiple Possibilities for One Quilt Pattern - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

All of my quilt patterns show a sample layout – but that’s always just a suggestion! This post shows lots of layout possibilities you can use with any of my patterns.


***eligible for Week 15 sale***

Such a cutie!


***Included in Week 15 Sale***

I love this guy’s grumpy face. It’s like he’s saying, “Hey! The bird feeder needs filling!”


***Included in Week 15 Sale***

A sweet Mama and Baby – with time to make it before Mother’s Day. 🥰


Some of my silly monsters on a notebook.


All the fabrics I used to make my Woodland Critters quilt sample – and also an easy peasy cheater version of my pattern.


Driving across the country to move from North Carolina to Oregon, I designed this fun fabric featuring the snow-capped mountains I saw along the way.