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Archives: Week Fourteen

Let’s tiptoe down memory lane to see what I was doing during the fourteenth week of every year since the start of Shiny Happy World. 🙂 Click on the images to go to the posts.

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How to sew Stretch Fabrics on a Regular Sewing Machine - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

It’s easier than you think, and makes an exceptionally cuddly stuffed animal.


***Included in Week 14 Sale***

Lots of pretty birds. This is still one of my bestselling patterns!


How to Turn Any Quilt Block into a PIllow

This is a great way to try out my patterns to see if you like them and the methods I use.


Warren the Charity Bear - a free pattern from Shiny Happy World

My most popular free pattern. I designed this one especially for charitable giving, so it has lots of mix & match options to play around with and make each bear different.


Itty Bitty Sleepy Bunny - a free beanie bunny softie pattern from Shiny Happy World

An adorable little bunny with beanbag filling.


How to Square and Trim Finished Quilt Blocks

I always make my quilt blocks a little bigger than they need to be, then I crop them to size right before I sew them all together. I love having that extra wiggle room to make mistakes!


Using fabric Markers and paints for Small Eyes - a Product Review from Shiny Happy World

Sometimes the eyes are just too small to applique easily. One option is fabric paint and markers. I tested lots of different brands and share the results here.


Make a Felt Garland using any Christmas ornament pattern - a tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Get extra use out of your favorite felt Christmas ornament pattern by making a garland.


***eligible for Week 14 sale***

A cute monster with warty little picot bumps – and a pocket mouth!


Seems like this FREE pattern would be more appropriate for New Years than April, right? Well – I started it in week one and finished it in week 14. 😂


***Included in Week 14 Sale***

Sometimes it’s so much fun to make the same little thing over and over in rainbow colors. 🥰


stack of folded fabric in a range of skin tones - text reads People Colors

I don’t sell this fabric bundle anymore, but I do share tips for choosing colors for dolls and people – including a list of suggested Kona Cotton colors to use.


It’s not one of my bestselling fabric designs, but it’s one of my favorites. 🥰


I made this cute bunny collage for the free device wallpaper for April. You can still get it! All my old wallpapers are available without their calendars. There are TONS to choose from!