How to Satin Stitch – embroidery video

how to satin stitch - embroidery video

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Satin stitch is one of my favorite fill stitches for small areas. It has a smooth (yes, satiny) surface and it’s a very effective way to make small areas pop. I like it when the satin stitched area is slightly raised above the surface of the fabric, and I’ll show you how to achieve that effect. It’s a nifty trick that also makes your stitching easier. I like that kind of trick!

See how easy? Satin stitch isn’t hard – it’s just slow. 🙂

Happy stitching!

That's me!


  1. Elaine SAYS...

    I enjoy watching your videos I have been doing hand embroidery for many years. And it is always nice to see someone else techniques Thanks for sharing.

    • wendigratz SAYS...

      Thanks so much. 🙂

  2. Dianne SAYS...

    Thanks Wendy – I’m new at this and satin stitch has been scaring me. You give me the courage to try it. Thanks so much for another great video!

    • wendigratz SAYS...

      Have fun with it!

      • Nadalyn SAYS...

        Do you think this stitch would hold up on a piece of clothing, after washing and all? I’m trying to design a sweater. Thanks!

        • Yes – just don’t make it span too large an area.

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