Free Pattern – Easter Accessories for Toys

Easter Eggstras - Free Pattern for Easter accessories for toys from Shiny Happy WorldYou know what your favorite toy needs for Easter? Adjustable bunny ears and a tiny embroidered egg!

I made these to fit The Oddballs – but guess what? They fit all kinds of things!

In a completely unscientific test, Jo and I tried them on almost all the softies in the enormous pile on her bed.

(Seriously. I don’t know how she can sleep in there!)

They fit tons of random teddy bears and softies – including her old American Girl dolls. Look at Ivy in her cute bunny ears!

Ignore the red splotches on her face. Jo was obsessed with diseases for a while and stuck clay dots all over Ivy’s face to give her smallpox.

FYI – red modeling clay will stain the skin of American Girl dolls.

And here’s the egg in Ivy’s hands. It’s tiny – just 2 inches tall.

Wouldn’t it be so pretty to stitch up a bunch of eggs and pile them in a teeny tiny basket? I include a blank egg pattern along with the fancy one so you can try your hand at designing your own fancy pattern. Fun!

So even if you’re not interested in making any Oddballsdownload the free pattern and make bunny ears and eggs for your favorite toys. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Charlotte SAYS...

    Your “oddball is so cute (with and without the bunny ears). Your “oddball” link is broken though. 🙁

    • Thanks so much for letting me know! I fixed it. 🙂