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How to Embroider with Glow in the Dark Thread – video

How to Embroider with Glow in the Dark Thread - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

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There are some tricks to working with Glow In The Dark embroidery thread. I show you how to make it “shine” in this video tutorial!

The embroidery pattern in the video is my Firefly Tree Embroidery pattern.

You can get your own glow in the dark thread from the awesome Jenny Hart at Sublime Stitching.

Jo’s a big fan of this stuff (I think all kids love glow in the dark anything) and she’s asked me to use it on one of her nightgowns.  What will you use it for?

Happy stitching!

Applique Wendi (with fabulous hat)


  1. why cant you just make all of the leaves with the glow in the dark, why use the other thread underneath at all

    • wendigratz SAYS...

      You can. I just wanted the fireflies to glow. The glow in the dark thread doesn’t have much color on its own. It looks great at night, but I wanted this to look pretty during the day too so I used regular thread underneath the glow in the dark.

  2. Kathleen SAYS...

    You mentioned the thread has a plasticky (sp? . . .) feel. If you need to press your embroidered piece, can the iron be used on this thread?

    • wendigratz SAYS...

      Sorry it took me a while to reply – I had to test it. And yes – it does melt! (Yuck.) I did a second try using a press cloth and that worked fine. 🙂