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Flash your awesome Kool-Aid dyeing results!

I hope you’ve had an awesome time with Kool-Aid Dye Week… I know I’ve had a blast experimenting! Did you give any of the techniques a try? If so… show it off!

In case you missed it…

I’ve posted tutorials for quite a few ways of using Kool-Aid to dye your yarn! If you missed them, don’t worry… here’s a wrap-up:

Click on any of the following links to zip to the tutorial!

Check out what I made!

While I made a few knitted & crocheted swatches for Dye Week, I couldn’t wait to get started on a project! And since my favorite technique is dyeing the long colorways, I started with that skein, first!

Check out my socks!

EEE! Don’t you love it! In retrospect, I might have dyed smaller sections to get narrower stripes, but I’m not complaining… I think these are super-fun!

Show me what you’ve got!

I wanna see it!

Share your experiences with Kool-Aid dyeing in the comments section!

Better yet, write a blog post showing off your awesome yarn, and share the link in the comments! Then we can all see what awesome work you’ve done!



  1. Victoria SAYS...

    Fabulous yarn! I love the kettle dyed effect. And that colour is spectacular!

    And your stripy socks! The stripes are awesome, the way the colour cuts at the ankle. It totally looks like you used two yarns. So perfect! 🙂

  2. Thanks for such a great week filled with fantastic tutorials. You have definitely made me want to try kool-aid dyeing for myself. As soon as I have a kitchen available again I’m going to give it a try. Question is, which color/flavor do I want to try first?

  3. Michele Byars SAYS...

    I tried it and loved it!!!!! I used a 3 ply merino tweed yarn and dyed it blue, yellow, and green.