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How to Attach Limbs to a Felt Softie – video

How to Attach Arms to a Felt Softie - video

Howdy everyone! This is the last video in the little felt mini-series I’ve been running. In this one I show you how to attach limbs to your felt softie.

I demonstrate it with an arm, but you could use the same technique to attach a beak, antennae, tentacles – anything that might be growing out of your softie.

You can also use ladder stitch to attach things like this, but I like the look of the whipstitch here.

Here are links to other posts about working with felt.

And, of course, you can buy my favorite felt here.

Oddballs Felt Softie Sewing Pattern

The little guy I’ve been working on in this series is an Oddball. You can find his pattern here.