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What a difference stuffing makes!

I’ve crocheted two monsters using the same pattern (Roy the Rainbow Monster) and similar yarn… but they look a little bit different. Do you know why?

stuffing a stuffed animal

It’s the stuffing!

Notice that the monster on the left has a fuller body, and less stuffed arms. This results in almost no space between the legs, a round head and arms that lay flat.

The monster on the right has a less stuffed body, and plump arms. In contrast to the other monster, this guy has a gap between his legs, a flatter head and arms that stick out from the body.

There’s no right way! The only thing that matters is how you want your animal to look!

So, don’t think of stuffing as that last pesky thing to do before finishing your animal… think of it as the final step that gives your animal its shape! And shape your animal with stuffing!

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Happy stitching!


  1. I tend to over stuff; just recently I stuffed a small ami and noticed it had pulled the stitches apart too much. I could see the filling through the stitches…ekk! I need to find that balance.

    Thank you for the inspiration…love it!

  2. Joyce Fisher SAYS...

    Happy moving Stacey. Trust that all will go well for you and your enormous drive will be uneventful and over quickly. How exciting to be starting a new phase of your life. What potential!!!!!

    • Thanks, Joyce! Yes… uneventful is the goal. Last year, our u-haul (self-moving truck) got towed… with everything in it! We’re aiming for boring this time 🙂

  3. Christine SAYS...

    Yes, “boring” would be much, much better. Safe trip!

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