Let’s Learn to Crochet Amigurumi!

This is the main table of contents for ALL the crochet lessons and tutorials.

I know – it looks like a lot.

They’re arranged by subject so you can work your way through the lessons in a systematic way. Start at the beginning, or jump right in to any tutorial that catches your eye.

At the end of every lesson you’ll find links to the other lessons on the same topic, a link to move to the next topic, and a link to come back to this table of contents.

Also remember that all Shiny Happy World patterns have links to all the tutorials you’ll need for that project – so every pattern is its own little workshop. You can work through the project, hitting all the lessons as you need them, and only refer to this table of contents (or the search feature) if you’re looking for something extra.

Tools and Supplies

Basic Tools


Stitch Tutorials

Basic Stitches

Fancy Stitches

The Basic Skills

The Pattern

The First Round

Round Two

How to Decrease

How to Stuff

How to Close Up the Opening

Attaching Parts

Faces and Details


Next-Level Skills

Standing Legs

How to Change Colors

Different Sizes

Advanced Shapes


Counting Stitches and Rounds

Holding Your Work

Too Tight

Too Small