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Which way should my knitting go?

Tip Tuesday

You put down your knitting in the middle of a row, and then… how can you tell which way you were going? Has this ever happened to you?

No worries! I’m here to help. I’ll show you how to pick up your knitting and keep going without confusion!

For today’s blog post, I’m assuming you knit right-to-left (the way most right-handed and some left-handed knitters knit). If you knit the other way… then reverse the right/left instructions!

Check your yarn (left/right)

When you pick up your work, look at where the piece is attached to the yarn.

You want the yarn to be attached to the right needle:

knitting with yarn on right side

See how the yarn is coming out of the last stitch on the right needle? That’s what you want!

If the yarn coming out of a stitch on the left needle… just turn your work around!

Putting your yarn in its place (front/back)

You know that your yarn should be in the back for knitting and the front for purling… but what were you doing?

Have a look at the last stitch on the right needle. You want there to just be one piece of yarn in that stitch:

yarn in back for knitting

Here, I was knitting, and holding the yarn in the back is the right way to go.

Does it look like you have two yarns in your stitch? Check this out:

trouble with yarn

This means that you are holding the yarn on the wrong side of the needles. Just move it to the other side!

August Photo Contest Winner

The winner of August’s photo contest is Chloe, with her awesome back-to-school squid!

Squid with ink

Congrats, Chloe!


  1. Susan M J SAYS...

    Hi I love the simple, easy way this website has? I dont knit but do want to learn foe easy wash cloths, scarfs etc. Thanks its so fun

  2. ZoeOB SAYS...

    This post brought back memories of my early knitting experiences pre-YouTube. I was self-taught and didn’t know how to distinguish knits from purls yet so I would write down the last stitch I made and attach it to the knitting. This was important because I was using seed stitch and designing my own sweater. What bravado, LOL.

  3. Bonnie Blatt SAYS...

    I knit with the ball of yarn always to the left behind left hand and then everything in my left hand would transfer to right then start taking from the left side Again now I am right handed and took one lesson last week and she said I knitted backwards. ?