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How to Make Quarter Square Triangles – video and cheat sheet

How to Make Quarter Square Triangles - video tutorial

The first triangle blocks I taught you were half square triangles. Those are my favorites and you can make quilts for the rest of your life and never move beyond that. Seriously. They’re that versatile.

But quarter square triangles are also a great skill to have. They’re not much harder, and they allow you to make a whole bunch of additional star blocks.

If you don’t already know half square triangles, go get that lesson here. Quarter square triangles start with half square triangles so you need to know them first.

Then watch the quarter square triangle video.

See how easy they are?

Download the handy dandy cheat sheet here so you can keep it by your side while you work – all the key info in one neat and tidy page. 🙂

Orange Supernova block for the Starry Night Quilt from Shiny Happy World 1000 px

Starry Night quilt in progress - 10 starsHappy quilting!




  1. Lana Frazier SAYS...

    Hi Wendi,

    I did a google search for making quarter square triangles. eHow has a good written tutorial but doesn’t go as far as you did in your video tutorial. I was needing to make quarter square triangle blocks like you made at the end of your video using a solid block and a half square triangle. After much thought and sleeping on it a night, I had decided that this was the way to go. It was nice to get verification through your video that my thinking was correct. I hadn’t actually had time to sit down and try it. I watched several videos on quarter square triangle blocks, and yours is the best I’ve watched to date. I am looking forward to watching more of your videos.

    Oh, and I was wondering if you were/are a math teacher. You used the term perpendicular and hypotenuse which made me think you might be. I am a retired junior high math teacher.

    Thanks you,


    • wendigratz SAYS...

      Thanks so much! I’m glad the videos have been helpful. There are a LOT of different methods out there for half and quarter square triangles – but this is definitely my favorite. And I’m not a math teacher – though it was always a subject I enjoyed. Especially geometry. And now I use it a surprising amount! 🙂

  2. Laura Palka SAYS...

    Hi, Wendi. Do you have a tutorial on how to do crazy quilting, like the background you have on your Spooky the Cat on his free pattern? I love that look, but I’m a new quilter and would have no idea where to start sewing together pieces that are of different shapes and directions.

    • Laura Palka SAYS...

      No need to reply to this question. I just found my answer in your “How to Make an Easy Charity Quilt” tutorial. Thanks so much! I also just purchased the Flowers quilt pattern and can’t wait to get started!

      • I’m glad you found that tutorial! It’s a really fun method. 🙂

  3. Cynthia Halvorson SAYS...

    This is exactly the tutorial I needed to do a “twisted ribbon” block using three different colors! I am not using any specific pattern instructions, just “winging it”. So, I have been stuck on the piecing technique, and therefore, the cutting. But this makes it quite straight forward. Fantastic and simple!!
    Now I can get rockin’ ‘n rollin’ on my new grandniece Ms. Ezri’s baby blanket!!
    Thank you!!