How to Applique with Fusible Adhesive – video

How to Applique with Fusible Adhesive - all the steps - video tutorial

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I’ve been doing a lot more applique with fusible adhesive lately (now that I’ve discovered some products I really like) and I’ve been getting requests for some more tutorials for it.

Ask and you shall receive.

I’ve already got a basic applique with fusible adhesive video here, but it only shows fusing down one piece – not the multiple pieces and layers you often use for cute quilt blocks. Do watch it, though, if you want tips on outlining your applique pieces with zigzag or satin stitch.

I’ve got a non-video step-by-step tutorial here. That has all the steps I’m going to demo in this video – just not in video format. I’ve had some requests for a video, so here it is. . .

See how easy it is and why I’ve grown to love it so much?

In the video I said I’d share a photo of the finished block – nice and big so you can zoom in close. Here it is – just click on it if you want to see it even bigger.

Hazel - a block from the Chirp quilt pattern from Shiny Happy WorldOther handy-dandy links. . .

Happy quilting!

That's me!


  1. MaryJean SAYS...

    Wendi, I’m so glad I found your website. Your the best!

    • wendigratz SAYS...

      Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. Joyce Marie Stevens SAYS...

    Thanks Wendi – I am delighted to find this Website. You have given me the courage to applique the quilt the project that I have been wanting to do. You are a GREAT instructor!

  3. Vicky Burton SAYS...

    I found your website when I ran into some difficulty while trying to put appliqués on a piece of fabric while making a quilt. I watched your video and started over because your method was so easy to understand and it looked so good. I have learned so much from your videos because you are a great teacher and I like your style. Thank you for your great website – I look forward to watching all the videos and getting inspired by your projects! Vicky

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  5. Susan Bhavsar SAYS...

    I am new to appliqué and I was wondering if you prewash your fabrics for the appliqué?

    • Yes – always. And don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets in the wash. They can sometimes repel the adhesives, just like the original sizing applied by the manufacturer can.

  6. Stephanie Spaltro SAYS...

    Ty Wendy! I have found that you explain things in quilting the best so far!! Ty for all ya do!!!!! I bought Pellon 805, do you like that one for fusible ??

    • I’ve actually had trouble a couple of times with the paper not peeling off the Pellon. 🙁 I use Heat & Bond instead and have never had problems with that. Hopefully the Pellon you bought is from one of the good batches. 🙂

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  8. Carolyn SAYS...

    Hello…thanks so much for your video tutorial. I am new to appliques and quilting for that matter. I just completed a first project, a table runner that is appliqued and all the pieces satin stitched around each applique. My question to you is this, if you use a straight stitch on the appliques, how does that affect wearability? I want to do a baby quilt with appliqued animals, and wondered if I do the straight stitch, how the raw, stitched edges will wash and wear…will they fray at all?

    • I’ve found that I have no problems with fraying when I use the Heat-n-Bond Lite. I wrote a post about it with more details, showing pictures of one of my daughter’s quilts that’s been washed and dried MANY times. You can find it here.

      • Carolyn SAYS...

        Thank you so much…I do plan on using all good quality fabrics, so now I think I will try a straight stitch for this project!

  9. Charlotte SAYS...

    All of your patterns are always fun and so happy. I love them all and it’s impossible to pock a favorite. It’s like a little gift when I get a new email from you. I know there will be fun, a lot of whimsy, and encouragement also. I love the felted wool. It’s great. I buy it to use but it’s so beautiful I hate to cut it. Thank you for sharing your creativity …….

  10. Nancy SAYS...

    Your website is amazing. I have learned so much. I am also watching your YouTube channel, thank you for all of your helpful videos.

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