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How to Add Fake Trapunto Applique Pieces to Your Quilts

How to Do Fake Trapunto Applique - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

See the tree in that quilt block?

It’s puffy and fat – like traditional trapunto applique.

You can read more about traditional trapunto here. It’s. . . a lot of work. Seriously. A lot.

So I didn’t use the (crazy labor-intensive) traditional trapunto technique. I used a fun and easy fake trapunto applique technique I developed to give the monsters in this quilt googly eyes, like this. . .

Calling them "faux trapunto eyes with needle sculpted pupils" makes them sound really hard to make - and they're not - so I just call them googly eyes. :-)

So much fun!

(It’s the button pupils dimpling the eyes in that really make them extra cute.)

Here’s the video tutorial showing how to do it.

You can use this technique for clouds and trees, like I show in the video, but also for any relatively simple shape. Just choose something big enough to be able to turn it right side out after sewing, with an outline that’s primarily gentle curves or wide points.

You can also use this technique without the puffy stuffing. It’s not really trapunto applique anymore, but it’s a great way to get easy turned edges for applique into shaggy or fluffy fabric – like cuddle fleece.

You can see that on the bunny face on this lovie.

cute bunny face and ears on a cuddly soft blankie made with a pattern from Shiny Happy World

I used the same technique on this bear lovie face – again without the stuffing.

By the way – the houses shown in the video and in the very top photo are all made with the Shiny Happy Houses quilt pattern.

Here are links to all the posts showing how to applique with fusible adhesive – my favorite method. It’s fast and easy and (with the right materials) it holds up beautifully to rough use and repeated washing.

Here are links to special posts about eyes.

Here are links to some extra fun things you can do with your applique.

Other Applique Methods

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  1. Lydia King SAYS...

    Thanks for your tutorials. I love them.

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