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Do I need to weave in ends on a stuffed animal?

Okay, so here’s a question I get often: when making a stuffed animal, is it important to weave in ends?

I’ll tell you!

Weaving in ends

What is weaving in ends? When you change colors (or start a new skein of yarn), you’ll have little tails left behind. Those are called ‘ends’. Weaving in ends just means using a tapestry needle to hide those ends.

What about stuffed animals?

Are you ready for some good news? Because the ends of a stuffed animal are on the inside of the body, you don’t need to weave the ends in!

weaving in ends in crochet

That means, no matter how many messy tails there are on the inside of the stuffed animal, you’ll never see them!



  1. Cheryl Turcotte SAYS...

    How do you weave the tail in on items that are made in a very loose crochet stitch

    • That’s such a great question! You want to weave it along the tall/loose stitch if possible… that’s the best way to hide it (not across the stitch). Split the yarn if you can.

      I think I need another weave in ends post with more detail 🙂

  2. Natalie SAYS...

    Do you have any tips on weaving in ends? Seems like mine always end up falling back out. I’m working on an afghan as a gift now with lots of messy ends and I’m nervous about keeping them hidden long term.

    • My biggest tip is to weave them in in one direction, then back the other… and maybe a third time. This way, it’ll stay snug after tugging!

  3. Michaela SAYS...

    So, I’m working on a Tiger where I am obviously switching colors a lot along the different pieces so I have a bunch of color changes on the inside, I know that I don’t have to weave them in, but do I need to tie off the ends so it doesn’t loosen up?