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Video Tutorial: English Paper Piecing

How to Do English Paper Piecing - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World and FreshStitches

I’m obsessed with English Paper Piecing (EPP). And because I want to you to share in the love of this awesome craft, I’ve put together two video tutorials so you can learn to do it too!

English Paper Piecing with freshstitches

english paper piecing hexies

Watch them and then start stitching! You’ll probably end up addicted to these little hexagon-shaped fabric pieces of candy… but that’s okay!

Video one: how to prepare your fabric and baste the hexagons

Video two: how to sew hexagons together and remove template

FreshStitches rainbow bundles fabric

I also love rainbows. So… I teamed up with Shiny Happy World to put together a kit that’s great for beginners or old hats!

Sorry – the kits are no longer available – but they used a lots of the fabrics from the Rainbow Brights fat quarter bundles.

FreshStitches rainbow bundles fabric

I also highly recommend the book All Points Patchwork: English Paper Piecing beyond the Hexagon for Quilts & Small Projects by Diane Gilleland. It’s amazing and inspiring! (That’s an affiliate link, which means I earn a tiny commission of you buy it.) You can read Wendi’s review of the book here.



  1. Erin Gain SAYS...

    I watched these videos yesterday, loved them, thanks for making them Stacey. I was always intrigued as to how it all worked. Never really wanted to do it, until I watched your videos 🙂 Never say never hey!

    Only thing I was wondering was when do you take the paper out?

    I’m going to try a baby ball I found on another blog because it only has 12 pentagons, nice and easy to start off hopefully! 🙂

    • You take the paper out after you’ve joined… I think I mention it at the *very* end of the second video 🙂
      Yes, that sounds like a great project!

      • Luciana SAYS...


  2. Becky Mihelich SAYS...

    Thank you for posting this video. I started some hexies for a quilt using a glue technique instead of basting. I tried your basting technique, and I find it so much easier than gluing. Also, the trick of sewing the hexies together with them open really works. I can’t see any of my stitches when I sew them that way.

    I am so thrilled with your technique, and now I feel confident that “some day” my Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt will get finished. Thank you!