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What Will You Learn in the New Craftsy Class? Part 2

I’ve been sharing little peeks of what to expect from the new Craftsy class on Facebook and Instagram and then gathering them all up every week here on the blog. There are so many fun things in this one class!

You can read the first round up here. Googly eyes, scrappy pieced backgrounds, silly eyelids, a kajillion uses for a triangle – it’s all there. 🙂

This week we started with silly hair.

I love this curly-haired monster quilt block! There's elastic inside those curls, so when you pull on them they spring back. :-)

I mean, seriously. Those curls have elastic inside so they spring back when you pull on them. How silly is that?

And then I showed how one simple body shape can look totally different, depending on the other bits you add.

My favorite is the one with the purple toenails. 🙂

More fun 3D parts with these teeth.

green monster 3D teeth

So easy!

And then I went really crazy with the 3D additions with these floppy, satin-lined ears. . .

blue monster quilt block with satin-lined flappy ears - one of the blocks in my new Craftsy class

. . . and these folded, softie-style ears.

Update – there’s a tutorial here showing how to add 3D bits to your applique, and one here showing how to give those 3D pieces extra body so they don’t flop too much.

One of the monsters (this one with folded, softie-style ears) in my new Craftsy quilt class.

We also cover working with non-traditional fabrics in this class!

We use shaggy faux fur (video here). . .

It's really easy to use special fabrics in applique! This shaggy long fur is one of my favorites. :-)

. . . cuddly fleece (video here). . .

It's easy to use cuddle fleece for applique - and it makes soft and cuddly monsters and animals. :-)

. . . and shiny tissue lamé (video here).

Woo! Check out that fancy silver monster! In my new class I show how to appliqué with "tricky" fabrics like this shiny (and fragile) tissue lamé.

So many fun new techniques in this class!

Enter the giveaway for a free spot here. Even if you don’t win – just by entering you’ll be notified when the class goes live (so soon!) and you’ll get a special discount coupon.

Sign up for the class here. It’s so much fun!

Happy quilting!

Wendi Gratz from Shiny Happy World