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Bears in the Hills – WIP

I don’t usually do all caps but. . .


Seriously! I can’t wait to get these guys in a frame to start stitching. You’re going to have to pry me out of my couch for the next few weeks. 🙂

And that’s not all!

I want you guys to stitch with me!

I decided the best way to make this a pattern is to actually make it a video workshop. I’ve shot video already showing how to position all the pieces and my little tricks for securing them in place while I stitch.

This was my studio today, with those fancy new lights in action.

Look at that awesome even lighting! 🙂

The next step is going to be whipstitching the edges down with matching thread (not embroidery thread – I want these stitches to disappear) and then I’ll jump into fancy stitching!

My plan is to get all the kind-of-boring-to-most-people-but-I-really-love-it whipstitching done, and then start recording videos showing how I freehand stitch the hills. Maybe one new video a week?

But I’ll make the class available before I get all those videos recorded.

You’ll be able to download the pattern and cut out your bears. (The class will include patterns you can print on freezer paper for hand-cutting, and also a link to the files on Cricut’s Design Space for those who have Cricut machines.)

You’ll be able to watch the videos showing how to lay out your hills and bears and whipstitch all the edges down.

And then we’ll be able to fancy stitch together! I’ll add new technique videos showing the fancy stitching as I make them. Since it will be an online class you’ll just find the new videos in the “classroom” when I load them up – without having to constantly download new files or anything like that.

I hope that sounds like fun to you! It sure does to me. I’ve got new episodes of Call the Midwife and Poldark waiting for some couch time. 🙂

Update – the class is now available here.

Happy stitching!



  1. sue SAYS...

    I am excited about this too! I don’t think you mentioned anything about felt kits though and I hope that will be a part of the plan. So much fun to look forward to. Yahoo!

  2. Chelle Chapman SAYS...

    I’ve never stitched w/ any one’cept my Daughter but THIS pattern is BEARR-isistable!!!! LOVE these bears in the mountains!!! Gurrrrrrrrlllllllllll, you’ve outdone yourself this time!!!!!

  3. Ceil SAYS...

    Look forward to doing this with you!

  4. Lynn SAYS...

    Count me in!

  5. Ann Hiddle SAYS...

    I have been watching those little bears with interest since they were born and I cannot wait to start. Bring on the bears please Wendi.

  6. donna woodhouse SAYS...

    Hi Wendi. I love this pattern. Okay this is a stupid question I’m sure but … this being all done in felt, is it just meant to be a wall hanging?? Could there be other applications?? Is the creamy coloured background also felt?? Thanks!

    • I made mine 12 inches square so that it could fit into a standard frame, if desired. It could also be an unframed wall hanging or a pillow cover. The background is just muslin – it won’t be visible in the finished project.