Bears in the Hills – WIP

I don’t usually do all caps but. . .


Seriously! I can’t wait to get these guys in a frame to start stitching. You’re going to have to pry me out of my couch for the next few weeks. 🙂

And that’s not all!

I want you guys to stitch with me!

I decided the best way to make this a pattern is to actually make it a video workshop. I’ve shot video already showing how to position all the pieces and my little tricks for securing them in place while I stitch.

This was my studio today, with those fancy new lights in action.

Look at that awesome even lighting! 🙂

The next step is going to be whipstitching the edges down with matching thread (not embroidery thread – I want these stitches to disappear) and then I’ll jump into fancy stitching!

My plan is to get all the kind-of-boring-to-most-people-but-I-really-love-it whipstitching done, and then start recording videos showing how I freehand stitch the hills. Maybe one new video a week?

Update – the pattern is now available here.

Happy stitching!

Play with some felt! Try the Oddballs – a fun pattern for silly monsters.

Sneak Peek at a New Project: Which Beaver Is the Cutest?

I’m making a new project for the Back to School series at Sulky – and I needed a beaver.

Not a quilted beaver. . .

. . . and not a stuffed beaver. . .

. . . and not a crocheted beaver. . .

For the project I had in mind I needed to embroider a beaver – and I wanted to see him from head to toe.

I sat down to draw some sketches and then remembered that my husband had a whole page of adorable beaver drawings in his airplane sketchbook.


You might think it was hard to choose between all those sweet faces – but I had my favorite picked out with one glance. It’s the one down in the right corner.

Isn’t he a cutie?

Now for a much harder decision. . .

Choosing thread!

That lucky beaver has something colorful to chomp on, so I get to dip into the rainbow. 🙂 So many colors to choose from! And these are only about half of my stash of Sulky Petites 12 wt. thread. (You can read my review of this thread here.)

Final project coming Saturday! It’s going to be a free pattern. 🙂

Update – the free pattern is here now!

Happy stitching!


Primavera – an Embroidered Springtime Girl

Primavera - an embroidered springtime girl from Shiny Happy World

Her name is Primavera, but her friends call her Vera for short. 🙂

This is another of those Big Embroidery projects I did for Sulky’s Quilt Market booth. That’s a quilting hoop she’s in!

Here’s how I made her. All the links go to supplies or video tutorials.

The method I used is really similar to this cat. . .

A BIG new embroidery project! This cat surrounded by embroidered flowers is in an 18 inch hoop!

. . . except that I embroidered the flowers in her hair instead of embroidering just the background.

First I appliqued the girl and the butterflies on a pretty swirly background fabric.

Then I printed out a single page of the flowers in the Continuous Stitches embroidery pattern onto Sulky Sticky Fabri-solvy. The pattern is designed for seamless repeats, but it only took one sheet to cover all her hair.

Primavera - an embroidered springtime girl from Shiny Happy World

I used a single strand of Sulky Petites 12 wt. thread and only stitched the flowers that sat over her hair. You can see that I ignored the printed pattern for larger flowers that would have gone outside her hair. I just filled in those spaces with some of the smaller flowers.

After all the stitching was done it was time to soak away the stabilizer.

Primavera - an embroidered springtime girl from Shiny Happy World

Look at that pretty face being revealed. 🙂 And that’s me and my camera reflected in the water!

I ironed the piece dry and framed it in an 18-inch quilting hoop.

Primavera - an embroidered springtime girl from Shiny Happy World

Love that sweet face!

Here are the other BIG pieces I stitched for the same project.

Cat Among the Flowers

Embroidered Mandala Sun

April Showers

These big embroidery pieces have been so much fun!

Happy stitching!