Cuddle Fleece Is Discontinued

I have sad news today. I can’t reorder cuddle fleece any more, so it’ll be going away from the shop.

The company has been discontinuing colors over the last few years, and they are finally down to so few colors that I can’t meet their (extremely large) minimum order.

I love this stuff! I use it for softies and all my quilt backs. It’s not hard to sew with, and it wears beautifully. But I just can’t get it anymore. šŸ˜¢

The good news is – I’ve found a good replacement. I can’t sell it in my shop – it appears to be exclusive to Joann’s. But I can point you to it and let you know that it appears to be the same as my beloved Cuddle Fleece. It’s called Sew Lush and it comes in some really terrific colors. Here’s what the bolt end looks like.

At $14.99 per yard it’s a dollar cheaper than what I carried – and Joann’s always has good coupons. You’ll find it near all the polar fleece. In my local store there’s a short case near the aisle that has their “specialty” fleeces – the ones that are really nice quality.

In the meantime, when my stock is sold out – that’s it. I’m almost out of red, white and camel, and violet is getting very low. I still have a fair bit of brown, navy, pink and turquoise, but once people start shopping for fall and holiday projects I think they’ll run out pretty quickly too. Get it while you can.

For most of my softies, you need just 1/2 yard.

For bear and bunny lovies you need a full yard.

For most of my quilt patterns you need 1 1/2 yards to back a crib quilt, 2 yards to back a napping size, and 4 yards to back a twin size.

That also means I won’t be restocking any of the softie kits that use cuddle fleece. šŸ˜¢These are the kits that are still available. . .

I hope that helps you with your holiday planning! And I hope Joann’s continues to carry/manufacture the Sew Lush fleece. It really does come in some lovely colors!

Happy stitching!