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Archives: Week 22

The heart and soul of Shiny Happy World is in the archives. There are hundreds of free patterns and tutorials and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the information. Every Friday I share just a manageable sliver – a peek at what was happening during the same week of every year since the start of Shiny Happy World. This is Week 22.

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How to Make a Zippered Bag - free tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Don’t fear zippers! This is a great first project if you’ve never sewn with them before.


How to Embroider with No Knots - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

You don’t have to. I’m personally pro-knot! But sometimes you don’t want knots (or tails) and this is one way to do it.


Space embroidery pattern
***Included in Week 22 Sale***

A pattern inspired not by actual space, but by Saturday morning cartoons set in someplace far more silly. 🙂


An easy tip showing my favorite way to transfer those dots on the pattern making the position of the eyes.

It’s a simple little trick.


Caterpillar Phil from Shiny Happy World
***Included in Week 22 Sale***

A super fun little caterpillar with a magical trick to sew all those segments together.


***Included in Week 22 Sale***

One of my bestselling quilt patterns.


Teaching Kids to Sew - a video lesson from Shiny Happy World

I used to teach kids sewing classes in the summer and these snakes were always a HUGE hit. In this post, my daughter (age 11 at the time) teaches kids how to use a sewing machine.


Make a Wall Hanging - How to Add a Wonky Churn Dash Frame to Your Favorite Quilt Block - tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Turn any quilt block into a fun wall hanging with a fancy frame and everything!


One of my favorite extra things to do with a basic block pattern is to make it bust out of its frame – like a monster whose horns are too wide to fit, or this frog snatching a fly out of the neighboring horse’s block. This post shows how to do it!


I had never heard of a fennec fox until I was researching desert animals for my 100 Day Project. I learn so many awesome things from my work!


The drawing that inspired the 100 Birds Projects – and therefore the Backyard Birds quilt pattern.


***Included in Week 22 Sale***

Make a silly spider monkey.


***Included in Week 22 Sale***

This cat looks soooooo satisfied.


Make a gentle gorilla.