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Archives: Week 23

The heart and soul of Shiny Happy World is in the archives. There are hundreds of free patterns and tutorials and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the information. Every Friday I share just a manageable sliver – a peek at what was happening during the same week of every year since the start of Shiny Happy World. This is Week 23.

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How to Stitch Fly Stitch - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Perfect for tiny little fireflies!


Easy Needle Cushion - a free pattern

Since needles have no heads, they can easily disappear into the center of a regular pincushion, never to be found again. I created this needle cushion to solve that problem!


How to Attach a New Piece of Yarn with Single Crochet - a tutorial from FreshStitches and Shiny Happy World

A very handy (and secure!) way to attach clothing, manes, prickles, and other bits to crocheted stuffed animals.


Mouse prototype - one step in the design process at Shiny Happy World

A peek at the design process for a little stuffed mouse.


I love adding my applique patterns to other projects – like this handy bag designed by Betz White. The link takes you to a detailed description of how I did it, along with a link to the original pattern.


A BIG new embroidery project! This cat surrounded by embroidered flowers is in an 18 inch hoop!

There’s that same cat popping up again a year later – this time in a GIANT applique/embroidery project. That’s a quilting frame – not an embroidery hoop. 😳


Letters and numbers (and a few punctuation marks) designed especially to work with my applique patterns. Add a name, animal sounds, dates, and more. Have fun with them!


How to Work with Eyelash Yarn without Crying, Swearing, or Throwing Away Your Crochet Hooks - video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Eyelash yarn adds the most amazing fuzzy texture to your stuffed animals – but it’s kind of a nightmare to work with it. I figured out a better way! (And it works with other specialty yarns too!)


Colorful fabrics can show through any white fabric appliqued over them. Here’s how to prevent that if it bugs you. 😁


Another desert animal with absolutely ENORMOUS ears! This is an antelope jackrabbit.


***Included in Week 23 Sale***

You can use this pattern to make just about any songbird. It was super complicated to design – but I think it’s super easy for you to make. I’m super proud of this pattern!


Pretty, pretty daisies. I made them with every background color under the sun and put them in the Bouncing Bunnies collection because they coordinate with all the bunnies.


More daisies! (Am I obsessed with daisies every June?) I designed this print for a dollhouse wallpaper challenge and loved it so much that I made it in a larger scale as well.


A cute papercut donkey with a big grin. 😁 I released this as a wallpaper with a June 2024 calendar – but you can still get it without the calendar – and it’s a free download.