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How to ‘attach with a single crochet’

How to Attach a New Piece of Yarn with Single Crochet - a tutorial from FreshStitches and Shiny Happy World

Occasionally, in a pattern, you’ll read the instruction ‘attach with a sc’. What does this mean? I’ll tell you!

Attach with a single crochet

This technique is used to attach a new yarn to an existing crocheted work. It’s used in the doll patterns to attach a piece of clothing like a dress or a sleeve. You might also use it to attach a foot to a slug, prickles to a hedgehog, a mane to a lion, and more.

Here’s how to do it. Begin with a slipknot on your hook:

how to attach a yarn with a sc

Now, just pretend this loop is any ol’ loop! Insert your hook into the indicated stitch on your crocheted fabric:

How to attach with a sc

And then crochet as instructed!

attach with a sc


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  1. Jann in Texas SAYS...

    I want to do doll along…

  2. Jann in Texas SAYS...

    Pooh! Ravelry! I’d better keep up or I miss the fun stuff!

    • Yup… we’re a fast moving bunch! 🙂

  3. Chelle SAYS...

    Thanks for this! Could you also do an ‘added’ to this on how to attach a single crochet within a space (instead of attach to stitch, as above)? The attach within a space (like you would do for a granny square) can be a bit more confusing. Many thanks for all your wonderful posts!!