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Archives: Week 24

The heart and soul of Shiny Happy World is in the archives. There are hundreds of free patterns and tutorials and it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the information. Every Friday I share just a manageable sliver – a peek at what was happening during the same week of every year since the start of Shiny Happy World. This is Week 24.

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How to Gather Fabric - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

In this post I show two different ways to gather fabric – one that’s great for short bits and one that works really well for long pieces.


How to Change Colors in Single Crochet - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

I was so intimidated by changing colors when I started crocheting amigurumi – but it’s actually really easy. And I love making striped critters!


An Experiment with Fabric Grain - two elephants from Shiny Happy World

To illustrate what the grainline is (and what impact it can have on your finished stuffed animals) I made two elephants – one with the pieces cut on the indicated grainline, and one cut with the grainline going in the opposite direction. It’s so interesting to see the difference!


***Included in Week 24 Sale***

I love this little guy with his spots and his silly tongue hanging out. 🙂


***Included in Week 24 Sale***

Another exceedingly huggable stuffed animal. This beaver is perfect for pairing up with a Woodland Critters quilt!


Continuous Stitching - repeating embroidery patterns to fill any space, any size
***Included in Week 24 Sale***

Remember the GIANT cat and flowers project I shared in last week’s archives? This is the embroidery pattern I used for all those flowers. It’s a seamless repeat, so you can stitch an area of any size! Plus there are a couple of grids that are VERY handy.


Scary Squares easy monster quilt pattern from Shiny Happy World
***Included in Week 24 Sale***

This is my easiest monster quilt pattern – and it’s so much fun to make! I especially love recommending monsters for beginners. Nobody can tell you that you made the horns curve the wrong way, or the nose the wrong shape, or the eyes crooked – your monster is YOUR creation!


How to Add a Door (that opens!) to your quilt block - a tutorial from Shiny Happy World

I put a fussy-cut unicorn behind that door. 🙂 This is such a fun technique – and you’re not limited to just using it with blocks with doors! Hide a bird or squirrel in a treetop! Or the sun behind a cloud! Or a critter inside a car or truck!


***Included in Week 24 Sale***

This silly frog makes me smile every time. 🙂


***Included in Week 24 Sale***

Such a shaggy fellow – good for his arctic environment.


***Included in Week 24 Sale***

One of my very favorite patterns ever – especially when made with striped fabric like this version! Someday I will make a chameleon quilt with every block a different color.


***Included in Week 24 Sale***

Mix and matchable templates to make AT LEAST 21 different breeds of dog. This was SUCH a fun pattern to design!


A post all about how to work with digital clip art.


Everything you need to know about my fabric collections, including info on all the different color palettes – useful whether you’re shopping at Shiny Happy World or your local fabric store.