Peekaboo Mouse Pattern

A lot of people have pulled the little mouse from the Noisy Farm quilt pattern to use in other quilts – but not everyone wants to buy a pattern with twelve different farm animals just for the little mouse!

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for the mouse as his own little pattern.

He’s finally here!

You can use it on its own – that mouse would be adorable peeking out of a pocket. Or you can use it combined with other quilt patterns, as shown in the image above.

Important note – the pattern only includes the mouse – not the cat. The cat is just there to show the two ways you can use the mouse pattern in your quilt blocks.

I didn’t just write up the pattern – I also recorded some new video tutorials especially for this little guy!

This is the first pattern I’ve ever done where I also include a link to download an SVG file of the pattern pieces – for those who have cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette.

This video shows what to do with that file (for a Cricut Maker) once you’ve downloaded it. Heads up – it’s a long one.

If you don’t use a cutting machine, that’s fine. The pattern includes the regular pattern pieces for printing or tracing and cutting by hand.

Once you’ve got all your pieces cut, here’s how to assemble the little guy. I show how to put him on the edge of the block, and also how to make him peek out from behind another applique critter.

Finally – there’s the outlining. I know a lot of people will see that face and think NO WAY. I don’t like hand-stitching and that’s too small to do on the machine.

Not so!

Of course you can stitch the face by hand, but you can do every bit of it on the machine – no fancy embroidery features needed. Here’s how I do it on mine, just using regular straight stitch.

That’s it!

Get the pattern here and start adding adorable little mice to all your projects. 🙂

Happy stitching!


I’m Getting a Cricut Maker!

I’m buying a Cricut Maker!

Over the past year I’ve been getting a ton of questions about whether I use a cutting machine, which one I recommend, can I format my patterns for cutting machines, and more.

I’ve never really been able to answer them because I’ve never used a cutting machine. I watched one demo at Quilt Market several years ago (I don’t even remember what brand) and the cuts were very rough and raggedy-looking to me – so I kind of stopped thinking about it. But I think they’ve come a long way in just a couple of years!

I know a lot of people love their die-cutting machines – but you’re limited to the dies that are available. So if I was going to get one I knew I wanted one that could cut just about any shape. After a ton of research I settled on the Cricut Maker. (That’s an affiliate link. I set myself up as an affiliate because I’m going to be writing a lot about my experience as I figure this thing out, and this way if you shop from my link I make a small commission on your purchase – at no extra charge to you.)

I just ordered mine this morning and hope to be able to start playing with it next week when I’m home again. I’ve talked to people who have this machine, but I still have a lot of questions where I want to see for myself how it works.

  • How does it work on felt?
  • How does it work on paper-backed fusible adhesive?
  • How small can I cut things? Will it work on eyes?
  • Is it easy enough to use that I could start offering little packs of pre-cut eyes?
  • What about offering packs of other precut pieces? Maybe pillow kits for people to make a single block?
  • How does the pen work? Is it dark enough to be able to transfer eye/mouth/etc. markings?
  • How does the design interface work? What would be the best way to format my patterns for this machine?

These are just a few of my many, MANY questions – and now I want to hear from you!

I’ll be shooting some videos as I learn – showing you how to use this thing (and how I’m using it). What do you want to know? What do you want me to show? Leave your questions in the comments or email me at