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Help! Crocheting in the back loop is too hard!

Today’s tip is inspired by a customer question!

Recently, I received this email from Nicole:

I saw that your recommend stitching in the back and it looks a lot nicer. I can do it but it is very difficult. I find it very hard to get my hook into that stitch. For some reason that back stitch is very tight. Is that normal? Is there a trick? Thanks appreciate any insight you have.

After some further emails, Nicole and I figured out that she wasn’t actually crocheting in ‘the back loop’, but picking up a loop that is even further back, and quite tricky to grab!

I’ve written blog posts about crocheting through the back loop before, but I haven’t taken up-close photos to help you figure out which loop is the back loop! So, here it is!

If we’re working in the round, we’ll have the piece below after the 3rd round.

The back loop is the loop that I’ve highlighted with a blue line:

As you can see, when you’re looking at your work, it’s right along the top of the piece, and should be relatively easy to stick your crochet hook into.

Now, what was that tricky loop that was giving Nicole trouble? Let’s look at our crochet from the side to find it… so we’ll rotate our piece a bit…

Then, a little more, until we can see the piece from the side:

If you look at your crochet from this angle, you can see that there is another loop back there, which I’ve highlighted with a blue line:

This is the loop giving Nicole all of her trouble!

So, to crochet through the back loop, go for the easy one shown in the first photos, instead of that super-tricky loop on the side. Then, you’ll be crocheting with ease!

Thanks so much for your question, Nicole!

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Happy stitching!


  1. Interesting… I was trying to learn crochet this weekend and it appears that I automatically crocheted into the back loop without even knowing it… No wonder it looked slightly different than the pictures!

  2. @Natalie- That happens really often! In fact, that’s how my mom taught me to crochet- which is probably why I prefer to do it now! 🙂

  3. debbie SAYS...

    OMGosh i was doing exactly what Nicole was doing….

  4. Laura SAYS...

    Thank you so much for asking the question, Nicole! And thank you so much for posting this, Stacey! I was struggling, doing the same thing!