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How to embroider a smile on your amigurumi!

About a week ago, Tiffany wrote on the FreshStitches Facebook wall, and asked if I could post about how to embroider a smile on amigurumi. Sure thing!

If you’re shaky on doing embroidery, check out my video on embroidering amigurumi. That’ll help you with the basic technique. And now, I’ll show you how to get a nice, even smile!

Planning the smile

So, we begin with a blank canvas (in this case, an amigurumi head):

Now, here’s the real trick: I use locking stitch markers to plan out the shape of my smile! Here, I put one marker in each of the upper corners of the smile, and one at the bottom. You can use more if you feel like you need a bit more guidance while embroidering.

Now, with the smile all planned, you can begin embroidering! First, thread your tapestry needle with the yarn you want to embroider with:

… and get started! If you want to see how to embroider in more detail, check out my video on embroidering amigurumi.

And, you’re done!
Since you used the locking stitch markers as your guide, you have a nice, even smile!

Just remove the markers… isn’t it lovely?

Hope you enjoyed this Tip Tuesday… and that it’ll inspire you to dress up your amigurumi with pretty smiles!

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Happy stitching!


  1. This is a great tip! Smiles can be trickier than they look, but planning the shape definitely helps.

  2. That’s brilliant! It is amazing how common sense is not so common, I would have never thought of that.

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Duh! I never thought to use stitch markers to plot out where to sew in the smile.

  4. Another great & practical tip, thanks! Don’t want to admit to how many times I have pulled out my embroidery, which isn’t that easy on a yarn base.