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Tips and Tricks for Embroidering on Felt

Tips and Tricks for Embroidering Felt

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I’ve gotten a few questions lately about embroidering on felt – and I’m going to answer them all here today.

These are smallish shapes. Do I transfer the pattern, hoop them and stitch, and then cut them out?

Well – I buy the good stuff (there’s no point embroidering it if it’s going to get all pilled and nasty-looking the first time someone touches it) and I don’t like to waste any of it. That means no excess for hooping. You don’t really need to hoop felt anyway – and it’s hard to get the crimp marks out when you do. It’s stiff enough to embroider easily without a hoop. Just be careful not to pull your stitches too tight.

My method is to transfer the pattern, cut it out, and then stitch.

How do you transfer your pattern to felt? You can’t trace through this stuff, and any pen or pencil tends to lift the fibers.

I use one of my favorite embroidery products–I call it The Magical Embroidery Stuff and you can read more about it (and buy it) here.

Where do you find wool felt in such gorgeous colors?

I couldn’t find it anywhere locally so I started carrying it in my shop. I’ve got 48 lovely, luscious colors – all high quality wool/rayon blends.

Happy stitching! (By the way – that picture up at the top is a close up of some of the blocks from the Felt Blocks Embroidery Pattern. Those were so much fun to stitch!)

Got any other sewing or embroidery questions? Send them to me here.

Happy stitching!

Applique Wendi (with fabulous hat)


  1. Cool. I haven’t “played” with felt since the late 60’s. I still have a bag and a choker I made waaaaaaaay back then.

  2. Pamela SAYS...

    I love your ideas. Pamela

  3. Embroidered patches are awesome looking on cloth. I like very much embroidered patches on my cloth. Especially my favorite patches I am made my clothes. You share the blog is really great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cecilia SAYS...

    Can you embroider on wet felted wool? I would like to embroider on a purse I made

  5. Anonymous SAYS...

    I am looking to use embroidery on felt in my next project so very helpful information exactly the answer that I was looking for

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