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How to Machine Applique Convex Curves – video

How to Applique Convex Curves using the freezer paper method - video tutorial

This is the first in a series of videos teaching a machine applique technique that I used to use for all my applique quilts. In previous videos I showed you how to applique with fusible adhesive and how to do needle-turn applique. This technique is kind of the best of both worlds. It’s almost as fast as using fusible, but without the potential stiffness and sometimes clunky outline. It’s similar in look to needle-turn, but not as slow. It’s a great technique for snuggly quilts that you want to wash and dry in the machine without a lot of fuss.

So – in this video I’m using the technique on a specific pattern (the Peekaboo Bear Quilt) but you can use it on any convex curves. Those are curves that bow out, like the edge of a circle or oval. In future videos I’ll expand on the info here – showing you how to handle inner points, concave curves, outer points, and more.

See how easy it is? I mostly use fusible adhesive now (I discovered some really nice quality, not stiff options) But I still go back to this every once in a while – especially for big, easy shapes.

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Applique Wendi (with fabulous hat)


  1. Anonymous SAYS...

    Hi Wendi,

    thank you for this site. I really like it!!! It has been so00 very helpful to me already. I want you to teach how to cut clothes patterns for sewing. U know shirts, skirts etc. Can you? Will you?

    • Yes I can – and it’s on my list. 🙂

  2. Thanks Wendy for your clear tutorials – your are such a great resource!

    I learned to make cuts before folding curves to make them fold more smoothly – is there a reason why you don’t do that, or doesn’t it really matter?

    • I cut into the seam allowance for concave curves, but not the convex ones that I show here. Some people also clip convex curves, but in my experience it doesn’t make the folds any smoother and you run the risk of having little stray threads at the snips.

  3. Aileen SAYS...

    Hi Wendy,
    I’ve purchased quite a few of your patterns recently as well as this one..I’m from Australia and we don’t have freezer paper that I know of. Do you have any recommendations of what I could use instead?
    Many thanks

    • I don’t know of anything that works quite the same way that freezer paper does. 🙁 I know you can’t get it in grocery stores like we do here, but I’ve heard that more and more Australian quilt shops are carrying it because it’s so useful for quilters. Have you tried any of them? There are also a few companies now that make it especially for quilters – I carry one of them in my shop. It’s from C&T – a major quilt publisher – and if a local shop near you doesn’t have it, see if there’s an option online where you’ll only pay domestic shipping. It really is terrific stuff.

  4. Brenda C. SAYS...

    Excellent tutorial!

  5. Mary SAYS...

    Wonderful video! Gives me confidence to try this technique. Thank you!