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4 easy tips for crocheting a giant amigurumi!

4 Tips for Crocheting Giant Amigurumi - from Shiny Happy World

It’s easy to crochet a giant amigurumi by using a thicker yarn and a larger hook! The result is a super-large animal, with the same amount of crochet work!

Want to give it a try? Here are some tips.

Use multiple strands if a thicker yarn isn’t available

Super-bulky yarns can be pricey and have a limited selection of colors. So, if you can’t get the super-bulky yarn you’re looking for, try holding multiple strands of yarn together!

Crocheting a giant slug

Check out my blog post on how to work with two yarns at once for some tips on handling the yarn.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with hook sizes

The same rules apply with giant amigurumi as small ones: you want a nice fabric without holes showing through.

using a big crochet hook

It may feel funny using a giant hook, so just make sure you’re getting an even tension, and find the size that works! I like to start with a hook one size smaller than what the yarn band recommends, and then go up or down from there if needed.

Take breaks

Crocheting with very thick yarn can be hard on your wrists. Take more breaks than you usually do and give these wrist exercises a try.

Know that you may have to fudge attaching instructions a bit

You’ll be able to follow the crochet directions exactly, and get a giant amigurumi stuffed animal!

But. . . if your pattern specifies exact rounds (or suggestions) for attaching, you might need to take a little creative license.

For example, in crocheting my giant slug, the pattern recommends attaching the eyes to two rounds. Works great for a tiny slug… but it would have made this giant slug’s eyeballs look squashed. So I took some liberties, and attached them how they would look best (to 3 rounds, if you’re curious!)

Don’t be afraid… feel liberated!

Want more info?

Planet June has a great post with LOTS of nerdy detail about scaling crochet patterns – from itty bitty all the way up to giant amigurumi. Read it here.

You should always have fun crocheting… but especially for a jumbo project like this! Go stash-busting and throw together crazy colors. Make a giant animal! Have a blast!

Here are handy links to all the posts about crocheting stuffed animals in different sizes. . .

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Happy stitching!


  1. Heather SAYS...

    Stacey! Hi!! What type of yarn did you use for the multi colored giant slug pictured in this blog post? It’s amazing!! Thanks for the helpful tips, as always!

    • @Heather- That slug is made with Noro Kocharon, a bulky-weight 🙂

  2. You need to watch Annette of Gentle Ribbing’s podcast, episode 5 and see her amazing ghost that she crocheted, you will be amazed I promise!

  3. Debbie Paul SAYS...

    Hey Stacey! I have taken your classes on craftsy and now am in love with aamigurumi! I have a question for you: my daughter loves owls so I signed up for your workshop and have started her an owl. She wants a bigger one so I am using two strands of yarn a yellow and a gray ( her choices) and she wants the belly yellow and white. No problem, but she likes the “wrong side” better. How can i get the strands that will be left in back to the front side? Since I just drop one color I have been carrying it in and working the stitches around it. Is this the best solution?
    I sure hope that makes sense!

    • @Debbie- Ah, now that’s an interesting problem!
      I would carry the yarns so that they’re on the right side… and that will keep the knots to the right side (which is where you want them, because the right side will become the side that’s hidden).
      Does that make sense?

      • debbie paul SAYS...

        I tried that and for some reason couldn’t seem to make it work but am going to try again because the color I dont want to show seems to be showing. Thanks for sharing with me the art of amigurumi. Debbie

  4. renee SAYS...

    hi love your slug hope too make one new learning crochet never thought of useing two yarns too gether as i have tons of yarns one gets craze-ie with the colors yipes better get it on thanx renee your blog is soooooooo cool.