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Where do you insert your hook for ‘2nd ch from hook’?

How to Find the Second Chain from the Hook - crochet help from Shiny Happy World and FreshStitches

When you crochet amigurumi, most instructions begin, “Ch 2. Sc 6 in 2nd ch from hook”.

Where is the 2nd chain?

2nd chain from hook crochet

Getting this instruction right is particularly important if you’re using the sloppy slip knot technique for starting, since crocheting your 6 stitches in the wrong chain will prevent your hole from closing.

I like to picture stitches as little Vs, laying on their side:

2nd chain from hook crochet

Do you see the 2nd chain now?

Now, stick your hook in that one!

second ch from hook

Ta da!

Here are handy links to all the posts about working the first round of your crochet pattern. . .

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Happy stitching!


  1. Jean Saja SAYS...


  2. ZoeOB SAYS...

    That’s the trouble I always have when starting (I’m an adventurous beginner) and put the hook into the slipknot. Now it makes sense. Thanks, Stacey!

  3. It’s so simple, but the most often asked questions I get from newbies. Photos are great Stacey.


  4. This is super helpful! Thank you so much for helping me out in this area!

  5. Pauline Cowie SAYS...

    Thanks Stacey I am teaching a lady who is in her 70 and that simple thing of which is the second stitch from hook took a while to get for her but now i can show her, plus it’s a corker of an idea to go back to the basics as always luv your work 😀

  6. Phil SAYS...

    I need to go double check at home, but I think I’m good. I do notice that the “other” half of the V (on the bottom, going with your picture) leaves a small little loop where it gets stretched out. I might have to take a picture to show what I mean. I usually ignore it, since it winds up on the inside anyway, but that’s what made me wonder if I was making a mistake. Thanks for the pix!!

  7. Celia SAYS...

    Regarding what Phil said below, about how this makes the chain “stretch out”; I have seen people actually flip the chain over, to the “bumpy” side, and insert into that second (or which ever per the pattern) “bump” on the back. This prevents the chain from stretching, and if you’re doing a flat piece, your top and bottom edges will look the same!

    The tutorial I read said that was the “right way” haha, but I’m sure you can use whatever you like best.

    • That’s a great tip, Celia. When crocheting in chains, there are a lot of different places to insert your hook. Your suggestion will prevent the stretching, but will also prevent the ‘closing’ of the sloppy slip knot, so there are pros and cons.
      I always say, ‘boo’ to those ‘right way’ folks 😉

      • Celia SAYS...

        Yes it’s definitely best for things like scarves/other flat items. Never understood the right-wayers either, especially in a field like crafting!

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  9. Gillian McM SAYS...

    I beg to differ, but this is contrary to just about any other source I’ve consulted and I’ve used many many crochet patterns. The second chain from the hook does not include the slip knot itself. It’s the second actual chain FROM the hook, not including the hook.

    • Yup! That’s exactly what I tried to illustrate in this blog post! I am not counting the slip knot or the loop that’s on the hook. As I have outlined, there are two chains here… if the pictures aren’t clear enough, you can try crocheting it yourself and you’ll see!

    • Jeanna SAYS...

      Thank you this is what I thought

  10. Patty SAYS...

    I’m not sure I agree. But maybe its hard for me to see with the yellow yarn. Don’t count the loop on the hook as a chain. Then count back two stitches for 2nd chain from hook.

    • Yup! That’s exactly what I was describing in the post! I’m not counting the loop on the hook, but the two chain stitches (as outlined in the second picture)

  11. Betty Radcliffe SAYS...

    It still looks like the 1st stitch to me not the 2nd. Sorry I guess I’m just not seeing it! Betty

    • If you have a look at the second photo, you can see where I outline the 2 sts.

    • Nena SAYS...

      It looks that way to me too. Perhaps making the foundation chain with a larger hook and then switching to a smaller hook and then taking pictures would help.

  12. April L. SAYS...

    Thanks for explaining how to find the second chain from the hook! I’m a total beginner to crocheting… Like your example, my pattern I’m working on says “ch 2, 8 sc in second chain from hook; do not join”. My question is can you please put up an example with pictures of how I would do the “8 sc in the second ch from hook; do not join”? (Or just continue your example and show how to do the 6 sc in the second ch?) Because all the stuff I’ve seen on YouTube has been doing only 1 sc in each sc around or something like that… Please help! Thanks!!

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