How to Crochet the Second Round of Amigurumi – video tutorial

How to Crochet the Second Round on Amigurumi - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World and FreshStitches

There are a kajillion tutorials out there showing you how to start amigurumi. (My favorite is the sloppy slip knot.)

And there are several showing how to single crochet.

But that’s where many of them seem to stop.

And a lot of people have questions about what comes next.

How do you crochet the second round of amigurumi? The trick for a lot of people is finding the first stitch of the round.

That’s what Stacey shows you here.

See? The trick is in counting your stitches. šŸ™‚ Once you have that down, the rest is easy as pie!

Want to see a photo version of this tutorial? You’ll find it here.

Happy stitching!




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