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Sweet Sylvia Snail – a free embroidery pattern

Sweet Sylvia Snail - a free embroidery pattern from Shiny Happy World

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Sweet Sylvia Snail loves to go for a sloooooow stroll around the garden, stopping at every pretty posy for a sweet sniff. 🙂

She’s small – the total image is under 4 1/2 inches wide and fits nicely in a 6 inch hoop.

As with any embroidery pattern, you can enlarge or reduce the pattern to make it any size you like, and use whatever colors and stitches you choose.

Here are the colors and stitches I used in my sample. . .

Body ­- backstitch the outline with DMC #703. Satin stitch the stripes. Add French knots to the tips of her antennae. All stitching is done with 4 strands of thread.

Shell -­ backstitch the outline and satin stitch the stripes with 4 strands of DMC #333

Flower -­ backstitch the stem with 2 strands of DMC #699. Use the same color for the leaves in lazy daisy stitch. Lazy daisy stitch the flower petals with 2 strands of DMC #601. The flower center is a French knot with 4 strands of DMC #151.

Face -­ backstitch the eye and the mouth with 2 strands of DMC #3371.

She’s sweet. Hang her on the wall. Stitch her on a gardening apron or tea towel. Stitch her down near the hem of a pair of jeans.

Want to frame your snail in a hoop? There’s a tutorial here showing how, and one here showing how to hide the messy back.

Want the pattern? It’s free!

Download the Sylvia Snail pattern here.

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