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The Perfect Match – just the right color thread for your felt embroidery

You all may have noticed that I love a little felt embroidery. 🙂

I love how portable it is. I love the way the thread looks on the wool felt. I love the way it feels in my hands. It’s all so yummy!

The only part of the whole process I don’t enjoy is choosing matching thread colors.

I’m not talking about choosing thread colors for the design. That part is fun!

I’m talking about choosing embroidery thread that perfectly matches the felt color for sewing around the edges. Like sewing up this bird. (It’s a free pattern here.)

Flora - a free felt bird pattern from Shiny Happy World

It’s important to get a good match – but the process is boooring. Try this thread. Nope – but close. How about this one? Ugh – definitely not. This one? Yes. It’s not a creative decision in any way. It’s just finding the best match. *yawn*

Every single time I do it I think to myself that I ought to write it down when I find the perfect match – so I don’t have to do it again for that color.

Then I started thinking I should have a master list of all the thread colors that match all my felt colors. That would be handy!

Update! Ask and you shall receive. A few people asked for a printable list of the matching colors – so I made one! You can download it here.

Then I started thinking I should make that master list and actually carry the thread in my shop, so you can buy the matching thread when you buy your felt. Now that would be super handy!

So I did it. I waited for one of those perfect-light days and pulled out all my felt and my DMC thread card and I found the perfect match for every color felt I carry. Then I ordered in all the thread and added it to the shop.

Get the felt here.

Get the matching thread here.

Enjoy! And have a fabulous weekend!


Play with some felt! Try the Oddballs – a fun pattern for silly monsters.


  1. Hi, would you please post the name/numbers to the DMC floss and felt to the main pic you have here?
    Thank you,

    • There’s a link within the post where you can download a printable list.

  2. Theresa SAYS...

    Hello! Do you know which floss would match Cloudy Day and Love Bug Blue felt?

    • Sorry – I don’t have samples for either of those.