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How to Care for your Craft Scissors

I have three pairs of scissors: a pair for cutting fabric, a pair for cutting tape and an all-purpose pair (that happen to be child-safe so I can use them for travel).


Having different pairs for different craft purposes allows you to keep them in tip-top-shape, and makes your crafting easier! Here are some tips I have for keeping your scissors healthy.

Mark your Scissors

Do you have a family member who might be tempted to use your fabric-only scissors for cutting construction paper? Add a label to them! And consider keeping your special scissors away with your fabric stash.

Clean Scissors with Rubbing Alcohol

I have a pair of scissors just for cutting packing tape. Because tape leaves a residue that makes scissors icky!

When mine get too icky, I use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to clean the blades. The sticky comes right off!

Get them Sharpened

Many craft stores have an occasional sharpening service. Just like nice knives, it pays to get your scissors sharpened!

Any tips to share?

How many scissors do you have? And what types are they?

Do you have any care tips you’d like to share?

Read about Wendi’s “Great Scissor Rotation” here.


  1. Maggie SAYS...

    I can’t resist sharing this. I had a very expensive pair of fabric scissors and one day walked into the living room to see my husband and my daughter using them for wire cutters for household electrical wire. GAW !!! Now my husband does not even know where I keep my good fabric scissors. One of those things I can laugh about now, but I wasn’t laughing then!! hahaha

    • AAAAAHHH! I’m cringing just reading this!
      Good idea hiding them now 😉

  2. Dee Hutchinson SAYS...

    I use baby wipes to clean my scisdors. They remove any sticky residue and leave them nice and clean.

    • ooh, that’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. WES SAYS...

    I have a pair of fabric scissors that I keep in my sewing box and my husband never goes near it. My Mom had her sewing box out in the open and she would write on the blades with permanent marker FABRIC ONLY.

    I also have a really cute pair of Gingher embroidery scissors that I keep in my crochet bag so they only cut yarn.

    And then we have multiple pairs of multi-purpose scissors for tape, cutting wrapping paper, opening boxes etc.

    • Permanent Marker is a great idea!

  4. Yes, marking them is essential!! My boyfriend used to just grab the first pair he came across. So annoying. That stopped after I tied a small strip of fabric around one of the handles and instructed him to NEVER EVER use the pair that was marked with fabric.

    • Yes, the ‘just grab’ phenomenon is very common and dangerous!

  5. Fran SAYS...

    My scissors have always been treated like precious jewels. I sew, knit/crochet, embroider, and do felt work. And each one has a dedicated pair of special scissors. But the ones in the kitchen drawer are free to use by anyone for anything.

  6. JoeL SAYS...

    I had a really nice pair of fabric scissors that I had to forfeit to my son’s school project But, I was promised I could get a replacement as soon as we could get to the store. I got a really nice gold colored metal pair. they are super and easy to distinguish from all tha other scissors in the house. My first crafting scissors were storks. But, I have large hands (I’m a guy so sue me lol). I love my storkies but they are too small so I searched and found scissors are insanely out priced. I found a pair of 5 inch cut to end with a protective sleeve and it has a hole in the end of the sleeve to allow tethering and help keep track of them for travel. Anyone who crafts regularly must have at least one really good pari they like and then the back ups should be usable. I actually plan on getting another pair of Scotch scissors. They are not expensive but work like more expensive ones. thanks for the alcohol tip.

    • Yes, those stork embroidery scissors are tiny!

  7. I have a pair for cutting yarn (I don’t sew so don’t have fabric scissors) that I have asked my children not to use, so they’re nice and sharp (and easily found!) for whenever I need them. I keep them in my hook case, so the kids are rarely tempted to grab them.

    We have lots of mult-use scissors that anyone can use for anything. I have two pairs for the kitchen. One for cutting raw meat or opening up raw meat packages, and one for dry goods and packages. It seems silly, but I don’t like to mix the two! Even though I know that they get washed and would probably be ok, I just feel better knowing they are designated so that we don’t accidentally mix them up if they didn’t get quite washed well enough.

  8. Sam Chamblin SAYS...

    I have two pairs of scissors both I only use for crochet. I can’t sew one pair is super sharp and I cut myself with those so I never use them. I normally wipe them off with baby wipes if they get gross

  9. Chloe SAYS...

    I have a electric fabric scissors. It’s portable and easily replaceable. I can even use them for travel. Electronic Scissors can be used for cutting cloth, card boards, leather, paper boxes, etc. I love it so much!