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How to Start Amigurumi the Easy Way! The Sloppy Slip Knot.

Sloppy Slip Knot - the easiest way to start amigurumi (so much easier than the Magic Ring)

Today I’m going to show you my favorite way to begin crocheting amigurumi: using the sloppy slip knot. I find it easier to do than the magic ring, and it closes up nicely so that you don’t have a hole at the start of your work. I’ve included a photo tutorial and a video tutorial.

(If you really want to use a Magic Ring, I’ve got a tutorial here. But trust me – the sloppy slipknot is soooooo much easier. Once I learned it I never looked back.)

Sloppy Slip Knot Photo Tutorial

Step one: To begin, don’t make a slip knot. Instead, simply twist the yarn once around your crochet hook.

Easiest way to begin your amigurumi crochet! Try this technique: the Sloppy Slip Knot!

Step two: Chain two stitches.

Easiest way to begin your amigurumi crochet! Try this technique: the Sloppy Slip Knot!

Step three: Single crochet 6 times in the second chain from hook. Not sure which one is the second chain? Check out where this arrow is pointing!

Easiest way to begin your amigurumi crochet! Try this technique: the Sloppy Slip Knot!

It’s important to note that you go into the second chain away from the hook, not the second chain that you crocheted. The loop on the hook doesn’t count as a stitch.

Easiest way to begin your amigurumi crochet! Try this technique: the Sloppy Slip Knot!

This is what your piece will look like when you have done your 6 single crochets. There’s a hole in the middle.

Step four: Here’s the magic part. Just pull the tail, and your hole closes up! And don’t worry, the hole won’t slip open over time.

Easiest way to begin your amigurumi crochet! Try this technique: the Sloppy Slip Knot!

It’s easy!

If the hole doesn’t pull closed, this probably means that you crocheted your 6 stitches into the incorrect stitch. No worries, try again!

See? Isn’t that a lot easier than the Magic Ring?

And now you’re ready for the second round. You’ll want to read this post on crocheting the 2nd round of amigurumi for help counting your stitches.

Sloppy Slip Knot Video Tutorial

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is probably worth a million! Here’s a video of me doing the Sloppy Slip Knot.

Do you think it’s a technique you’ll try?

Here are handy links to all the posts about working the first round of your crochet pattern. . .

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Move on to the lessons for round two and beyond of your pattern.

Happy stitching!


  1. thanks for this i manage to do the magic circle thing but ut’s usually more luck than judgement this was so easy

  2. Debbie S. SAYS...

    This ROCKS! I tried it immediately after stumbling across it today. Just as effective as an adjustable ring, but a million times easier.

  3. Incredibly helpful! I was not having much success with the magic ring.

  4. Eileen SAYS...

    Thank you sooo much for this. I could not get the magic circle for anything.But this was so much easier. No more big holes . Yay!!!

  5. Lynda from Australia SAYS...

    Wow, this is great. I have read about the Magic Ring and decided it was too hard for me ha. This looks easy and makes so much sense. Just don’t make a knot – perfect. Thank you for sharing this great idea. Best Wishes, Lynda 🙂

  6. brook SAYS...

    THIS is AMAZING. I could never get the magic ring to work and tried to make my stitches super tight to minimize the hole, but this only made it harder to work with! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • @Brook- Thank you for your comment! I love hearing that the technique helps others 🙂

  7. diana SAYS...

    Oh, great. Now that I’ve FINALLY figured out how to make a quasi-magic ring thing, I find your much easier way to close that pesky hole 😀 Thanks for sharing this wonderful technique!

    • Hi Vicki-
      I’m not sure which penguin you’re looking to order… you can browse my available patterns by viewing my amigurumi page.
      You can also feel free to email me: if you’re having trouble finding what you need.

  8. Wilayne Vandevender SAYS...

    How can I get your heart pattern? When I clicked for pattern, only the instructions for the magic circle came up.


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  10. Carla SAYS...

    Ooh WOW! I cannot begin to thank you, enough! I have been trying to get the ‘magic ring’ figured out, for weeks! Between my arthritis & cts, it just want happening, because my fingers couldn’t do the gymnastics correctly, lol.
    Thank you!!!

    • I am SO happy to hear that, Carla!

  11. Hi, I just saw your way of doing the magic round! I’ve been trying to figure out how to work in the round for ages, as I’d love to make the little toys more than anything. I’m a real beginner, never worked a pattern at all, but I can do single crochet (Double crochet in UK), slip stitch, and am just trying to work out turning my work, turning chains, and where to put the hook when you want to start another row! Any further help/diagrams on any of these would be sooo helpful..Thanks so much!!! I love the website and patterns! The toys are so sweet!!

    • Thank you so much for writing to me, Sarah!

  12. Michelle SAYS...

    Thank you soo much for this! For a year, I have tried many “easy” ways to do magic circles…and think there’s no magic in them! There’s nothing “sloppy” about this slip knot…it’s a lifesaver! Deserves a better name. “Almost” slip knot?? Thanks again!

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  15. Tammy Scott SAYS...

    I found your site from Mikey at the Crochet Crowd. I love this “sloppy slip knot.” I’m like some of the others that have posted. I could not get the “magic circle.” But you method, got it the first time. I will be using it every time that a pattern calls for the MC. Thank you so much!

  16. Yvonne Pearsall SAYS...

    I am still trying to figure out how to download Sammy Starfish for free!

  17. I’ve been crocheting off and on for close to forty years. Recently I decided to try those cute little amigurumi toys. I tried learning to do the Magic Circle and was ready to run down the street crying, lol. Then I happened to come across your “Sloppy Slip Knot” .
    I want to say “THANK YOU” so very much. I no longer feel like running down the street,lol

  18. Janet Pinder SAYS...

    Hi, I’m Janet from the UK and have just learned to crochet basic stitches with considerable help from my friend Anne. Presently crocheting a scarf and will be trying one of your animals next. I shall practice your sloppy slip knot this afternoon (much better than the magic circle which I have tried already & failed!)

    • I struggled with the Magic Circle too. You’re going to LOVE the sloppy slip knot. 🙂

      • Lynne SAYS...

        I stumbled across a similar technique when I first started working in the round many years ago. You make a regular slip knot, but make sure as you work your first round that you work over the loose end. When you finish the piece (or at any point into it that you find convenient) pull the end tight. You get pretty much the same effect. Most of the time, before I pull my ends up, I actually take a tapestry needle and pass the end through the bases of a few more stitches (sometimes all the way around again) before tightening it, but this is not strictly necessary.
        I’ll have to try this technique sometime because, I hate to admit, the hardest thing for me to remember how to do in crochet is tie the stupid slip knot! This way, I don’t have to!

  19. Danielle Capron SAYS...

    I swear, I am so crochet illiterate! I cant do squat and I been trying for 2 years now. Finally decided to try the magic circle. That stinker just was not hapening. Tried the sloppy slip knot and got it first try! Im going to start over with all your instructables. Thank youso so much!

  20. Tammy Vaughn SAYS...

    I will be using this technique. I never liked the magic ring. Thanks.

  21. Lynne SAYS...

    wow, 100x easier than the magic ring!

  22. Angie R Placeres SAYS...

    I am really thankful for sloppy slip knot has made crocheting easier. You are so talented
    Thank You! ☺That You! ☺Happiness 🤗 has return to my crochet corner.

  23. Debi SAYS...

    Then what do you do with the tail? Weave it end a bit? Ir just cut it off?

  24. IVONNE SAYS...


  25. Beverly SAYS...

    I did everything that the instructions told me to do but I didn’t get a circle and when I pulled the tail it just tightened my chain. What did I do wrong?

  26. Katie SAYS...

    I’ve been doing starting chains this way ever since I learned to crochet at age 7. I can’t understand why *everyone* isn’t doing it this way. Slip knots don’t make sense to me, and magic circles are just wonky. My grandmother taught me to just wind the yarn around the hook once and pull a loop through….done! You’re off and running. Don’t know why all those other people are making it hard by doing a multi-step slip knot, ugh.