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How to Single Crochet Increase – video tutorial

How to Single Crochet Increase - a video from Shiny Happy World and FreshStitches

Any time you need to make your amigurumi bigger, you’ll use single crochet increase. It’s super easy! You just stitch twice in one stitch.

Here’s how.

Sometimes you’ll see this written in instructions as “inc” and you decide where to put the increases, but our patterns usually spell it out. If we want you to crochet increase, we’ll say “sc twice in next st.” We like to make things clear and easy. 🙂

Want to practice how to crochet increase (and decrease)? Pick up a super easy pattern.

Jay the Bird is one of the easiest – great for beginners.

blue crocheted bird - very simple crochet pattern, perfect for practicing basic skills like crochet increase and decrease

Want something just as simple, but a little smaller? This bird and bunny are adorable!

They’re a lot smaller (so you won’t get in as much practice on those crochet increases) but you’ll finish faster!

These squishy monsters are also really simple – and the pattern is free!

Aren’t they cute?

Here are handy links to all the posts about crocheting round two of your pattern and beyond. . .

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Happy stitching!


  1. Cathyjo Hunt- Edmonston SAYS...

    Hello. Your classes are awesome. I have been going the Amigurumi journey alone. ( Youtube). And practice. I am proficient with knitting and crochet least pattern comprehension … it was not understanding that caused me to quit son 50 years ago. I won’t this time. I absolutely adore crocheting and am addicted to the little Amigurumi!

    I’m not sure if I can ask here…
    Rnd 15: (sc in the next st, inc) repeat 5 times, sc in the next 12 st, (inc, sc in the next st) repeat 5 times [42]

    That is the instructions for my little Pepper
    Pig. I absolutely have no idea what the designer wants here. It’s a free pattern. I can’t seem to get in touch. It’s so old now.
    Would you mind clarifying. I really want to u detstand. And nit just get to 42 stitches.
    Thank you.

    • I’m sorry – that’s not the notation I use in my patterns and I’m not sure what the designer means.

  2. Cathyjo Hunt- Edmonston SAYS...

    I apologize for the typos.
    I just wanted to add. I understand how to increase. I get the math determines the shape etc. that is so important.
    I count differently then most I think.

    As I Crochet a round. I count how many st I should have at completion.
    So if a pattern ask
    Sc inc into Next 5 stitches.

    I count. 1,23-4.5,6 7.8-9 10. 11-12 13. 14,15.
    I keep the count in my head.

    As in stitch 1. Increase 2-3
    Stitch 2 ( is 3 and inc 4 and 5)
    Stitch 3 ( is 7 and inc 8-9

    At stitch 4 I know I am in the 2nd stitch of total 5 count. At number 6. I know I am in the 3rd stitch of the count.

    Basically I need to get 15 st. Etc.

    if that is all for that round. And I started with 30. I know on my last stitch. I’ll be saying 45.

    I keep count of every single row this way.

    I know it sounds totally confusing.
    But it works. I also count out in advance and use stitch markers. (So if a pattern calls For the next t 10 st. Do so and so. Et etc. I mark the end of that segment with a marker).

    Some rows just ask sc for 5 rd. So I do get to stop all the counting and rest from the monotony. Lol.

    If you can help clarify the round 15 increase I will be do grateful.
    14- has 32 stitches. and I am good.

    Thanks again.


  3. Elaine SAYS...

    I’m so busy concentrating on the actual crochet stitches (which loop to go into etc) that I forget which stitches I have done a double crochet in. So when the pattern says to increase in every other stitch or every third stitch I often forget whether I am on an increase stitch or not.

    Is there a way to tell from looking at the previous stitches whether I increased or not?

    I am a total beginner so I hope the above isn’t a silly question and makes sense!

    I love how easy you make things for me on your site, I am improving!

    • If you look closely, you can see when two stitches are going into the same hole. It’s easiest to see with a smooth, light colored yarn. I find it really hard to see individual stitches in black (or other very dark) yarn – or any super fuzzy yarn – so if I lose count on those I’ll sometimes unravel if there aren’t too many stitches in the round.

  4. i am new at this ok when you inc do yoy count it as 1 st or 2 sts please let me no ok thank you sandie