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Front Post Double Crochet – video tutorial

Front Post Double Crochet is a nifty technique that you can use to create raised ribs on the front of your fabric.

And it’s easy!

Alyssa Voznak shows how to do it in this video.

See? Isn’t that pretty?

You can use front post double crochet on hats and scarves – but it can also be a handy skill for amigurumi too! You could use it to create textured seashells, fins on a fish’s fins or tail, veins in a leaf, the look of corduroy pants, a ribbed-looking hat – the possibilities are endless!

I used this stitch to add raised ridges on the hair on this doll.

Becky - a crocheted doll pattern from Shiny Happy World

Here’s a view of the hair before I attached it to the doll – shown from the top down so you can see the ridges. It adds a nice extra texture that I really like.

crocheted doll and her crocheted hair (before attaching) showing the ridges created using front post double crochet

(I also really like that you don’t have to permanently attach the hair to the doll – make the same “wig” in a few different colors and lengths so kids can swap it out as they play. Fun!)

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Happy stitching!

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