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How to Single Crochet in the Front Loop One Row Below – video tutorial

Here’s a nifty crochet trick.

Sometimes for fancy stitches, you need to stitch one row below the row you’d normally be stitching through. It can create a neat new texture on the surface of your fabric – but it can have an extra benefit for amigurumi.

It can make your shape bend!

In this terrific video, Stacey shows you how to do it.

Specifically, she shows how to single crochet in the front loop, one row below – but you can use the general idea to do lots of other stitches one row below.

Here’s how.

See how that makes the fabric bend? Isn’t that cool?

Stacey used this technique to get the perfect bend in the truck for her Ellie the Elephant amigurumi pattern.

Happy stitching!


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