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How to Crochet Four Legs Together – video tutorial

Image showing a cute crocheted giraffe with the text How to Crochet Four Legs Together

I was a little stiumped when I started to design this giraffe. How to crochet four legs together?

I really love making amigurumi that stand on two legs. Some of my favorite patterns use this basic shape and it’s really easy to do. Byron Bear here is a good example.

Byron Bear - a crocheted bear wearing a purple turtleneck sweater, made with a pattern from Shiny Happy World

There’s a video here showing how to crochet two standing legs.

But when I designed this giraffe I wanted him to stand on four legs.

I did some digging online and I found that there are a lot of very different methods out there to do this, but all of them felt a little trickier than I wanted for beginners, so I came up with my own method based on how I like to crochet two legs together. The process is really the same – just with more parts!

Here’s a video showing how. . .

It works really well – and it’s pretty easy! If you can crochet two legs together (as I do in so many of my patterns) you can definitely crochet four legs together for this guy.

Want to give it a try? Get the Jacob the Giraffe crochet pattern here.

Now that I’ve got this new tool in my toolbox, I’ve got all kinds of ideas for standing four-legged cuties. πŸ™‚

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