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Archives: Week Twenty

Let’s tiptoe down memory lane to see what I was doing during the 20th week of every year since the start of Shiny Happy World. 🙂 Click on the images to go to the posts.

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How to Mend with Fun Patches - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

I LOVE mending with visible patches. Sometimes I sew one on just for fun – even if there’s nothing to mend. 🥰


How to Miter Corners with Double Fold Bias Tape - tutorial from Shiny Happy World

I like to use this to outline patch pockets.


Wjat else can you o with a unicorn pattern? Show & Tell from FreshStitches and Shiny Happy World

One pattern – four different animals. Make that dollar holler!


Emma Elephant - an easy felt elephant pattern from Shiny Happy World
***Included in Week 20 Sale***

She’s ready to decorate for a party!


Turn Franklin the Fat Cat into Totoro

My daughter adapted the Franklin the Fat Cat pattern to make a Totoro – and you can too! I share the pieces and instructions in this post.


Everything You Need to Know About How to Applique - terrific info from Shiny Happy World

One post with links to ALL my tutorials for different applique techniques.


Noisy Farm quilt pattern from Shiny Happy World
***Included in Week 20 Sale***

Lots of farm animals making lots of noise. 😂


Scribbly Outlining Applique Pieces - tips from Shiny Happy World

This has been my favorite way to do outline stitching for quite a few years now. I just love how it looks!


***Included in Week 20 Sale***

The pattern also includes a horn to make it a unicorn!


***Included in Week 20 Sale***

Such a sweet face!


***Included in Week 20 Sale***

Emperor penguins are just the coolest!


I add catchlights to all my eyes now, and I love how it really brings them to life! (I use the fabric paint method – and the post includes a link to my favorite brand.)


More bird fabrics! And coordinates to go with them! I also did that same bird print with gray and taupe birds on a deep blue background.


Some thoughts on the value of slow and steady progress – in crafting and in life.