This is the first in a series of videos teaching a machine applique technique that I use for all my applique quilts. In previous videos I showed you how to applique with fusible adhesive and how to do needle-turn applique. This technique is kind of the best of both worlds. It’s almost as fast as using fusible, but without the stiffness and sometimes clunky outline. It’s similar in look to needle-turn, but not as slow. It’s a great technique for snuggly quilts that you want to wash and dry in the machine without a lot of fuss.

So – in this video I’m using the technique on a specific pattern (the Peekaboo Bear Quilt) but you can use it on any convex curves. Those are curves that bow out, like the edge of a circle or oval. In future videos I’ll expand on the info here – showing you how to handle inner points, concave curves, outer points, and more.

This is the basic technique I’m recommending for the Safari Quilt – you’ll be able to use it in all those patterns. You can also use it for just about any other applique pattern you find out there in the world. The only thing it doesn’t handle really well is teeny-tiny pieces. I don’t think I’d use it for a Baltimore Album Quilt, for example. Then again – if you’re making a Baltimore Album Quilt you’re clearly not in any kind of rush (and you’re probably not reading this blog). Just go ahead and use needle-turn and settle in for some quality time on the couch. But I digress. . .

Video. Machine applique. Easy and fast with nice results. Machine wash and dryable. That about covers it.

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