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How to Remove Safety Craft Eyes

I recommend using safety craft eyes (the ones with little ridges on the post) for my amigurumi because they’re difficult to remove (meaning they’ll withstand the pulling and prodding of small children). The downside, however, is that they’re difficult to remove – especially when you make a mistake in positioning them.

The best defense, obviously, is to be sure you like them before putting them in (check out my tips on positioning eyes for help!), but we all make mistakes. Ashley recently asked on the FreshStitches Facebook Page how to remove a pair of eyes… so Ashley, this post is for you!

First, you’ll need your toolbox… here, you’ll see my amigurumi owl head (with eyes that I needed to remove because I didn’t like where I positioned his orange eye-circles) and a pair of pliers.

Now, this part can be a little scary… you’re going to have to cut the post, above the washer. Alternatively, you can use a utility knife to cut the washer off of the post (if you’re desperate to save the eye itself), just make sure you don’t let that knife nick your fingers!

Ta da! Now you can remove the eye with ease. Yes, you lost an (amigurumi safety eye) in the process… but you saved your stuffed animal! Hooray!

Be sure to check back next Tuesday for another amigurumi tip!



  1. Pam SAYS...

    Want to remove the eyes so my dog won’t. She makes a hole when removing the eyes then animals get a brainectomy leaving stuffing all over. If there is no hole to start stuffing coming out she’s fine. I buy thrift shop animals for her.

  2. i cant use pliers because i dont have any what do i do is there another way