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How to Clean Amigurumi

Happy Tip Tuesday! I get asked pretty often, ‘how do you wash your amigurumi, especially if you use non-machine washable yarn?’ Well, that’s today’s topic!

I crocheted two owls that I used as cake toppers. Even though the icing was pretty hardened, one owl inevitably ended up with icing on his owl-butt. Ooops.

Even though this owl is crocheted with a hand-wash-only yarn… there’s no problem! Almost all messes can be ‘spot cleaned’ using water and a cloth (that is, unless you drop an amigurumi in a mud puddle… then he may need an all-over wash). I just dip a washcloth in a little bit of water:

And dab at the spot:

… until it’s clean!


Now, what if your amigurumi is really dirty? Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Try using a little bit of soap in your water for smaller (but hard to get out) spots
  • Soak your amigurumi in a sink of water and wool-wash (like Eucalan). Gently squeeze all of the water out, and let dry completely.
  • Animals made from non-machine-washable yarns can be machine washed without felting completely. The stuffing keeps the yarn from felting as much as loose fabric would. Of course, you may see some felting (due to agitation and hot water), but not as much as you may expect. Try machine washing on delicate with cold water… your amigurumi will come out clean as a whistle!

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Happy stitching!


  1. Your tips are great, but hard to take seriously because I keep giggling about the owl’s frosting butt :). (Yes, I’m a bit childish today.)

    • @Marie-
      hahaha! I knew that when I was planning on writing this post, I had to mention the frosting-butt! It makes me giggle, too!

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  3. Julia SAYS...

    I made a giant bee recently and it ended up getting on top of a just blended pencil art project, It got really dirty and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to clean it off but this helped me get it clean, thank you!