Tutorial: Ombre Glitter Eyes

I’m completely obsessed with painting my own craft eyes!

Today I’m going to show you an awesome technique: how to paint ombre glitter eyes!

Aren’t these amazing?

ombre glitter eyes

This ombre effect is super-easy to achieve with glitter paint because the paint is actually clear with specks of glitter. That means that one coat leaves little gaps for another color to shine through!


Here’s how to do it in three easy steps!

freshstitches ombre eye tutorial

I’m so excited about the possibilities… I’m thinking my next ones will be white and pink ombre. What do you think?

glitter freshstitches

What color combinations do you think would be amazing?

Try it!

To try this yourself, you’ll want to grab some clear craft eyes and your favorite colors of glitter paint. Give it a try!

clear craft eyes from FreshStitches

I now have craft eyes available in multiple sizes! So much fun!