How to Quilt a Quilt with a Broken Grid Layout – video tutorial

Some of my quilts have what I call a “broken grid” layout. You’ll also see it called an “alternate grid.”

Both of these terms refer to quilt layouts that aren’t the standard checkerboard-style grid, with all the seams running in straight, uninterrupted lines from edge to edge.

I’ve got a video here that shows how to assemble those quilts – how to group the blocks into chunks that eventually do connect with straight, edge to edge seams.

But I get a lot of questions about how, exactly, I quilt these quilts. Do I quilt around each square individually? Do I turn the corner to go around a block that’s interrupting my straight line?

Nope and nope. 🙂

At this point in the process I have my entire quilt sewn together and I want to do everything possible to avoid turning any corners while I’m quilting, because that means turning the entire mass of the quilt, and that is not fun.

So what do I do?

I hop over the block that’s blocking my way.

This video shows what I mean by that.


Just hop right over those pesky blocks. 🙂

Do be sure to backstitch or knot – whatever technique you use to secure your threads – any time you have to stop or start quilting.

Get the Fish quilt pattern here.

Get the Sea Creatures quilt pattern here.

Happy quilting!



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