How to Assemble a Quilt that Uses an Alternate Grid – video tutorial

quilt showing applique woodland animals - fox, raccoon, owl, deer squirrel, bunny, bear, etc.

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Quilts that “break” the traditional simple checkerboard grid can be really fun and dynamic, but if you’ve never worked with an alternate grid before, figuring out how to assemble the blocks can be kind of tricky. Take a look at the Noisy Farm quilt.

applique farm animals quilt

You can’t just sew all the blocks into rows and then sew the rows together!

Instead of rows or columns, you break these quilts into chunks – and there’s an easy way to figure out how. That’s what I show you in this new video. 🙂

See? Now that you know how easy it is, try breaking the grid on your own! You could take the Playful Puppies pattern – a simple grid. . .

applique quilt featuring lots of cartoon puppy faces

. . . and add a bunch of half-blocks with puppy sounds using this free alphabet pattern. Arf! Woof! Yip!

Copy the layout of this Woodland Critters quilt. . .

Woodland Critters quilt pattern from Shiny Happy World

And you could have a really fun and dynamic version of the puppies quilt all your own! Noisy Puppies!

Happy quilting!

Wendi Gratz from Shiny Happy World


  1. Wendy Theisen SAYS...

    Thank You Wendi!! As Always your lessons are Fabulous! You make learning fun, Not Scary, easy to follow…. This is Exactly what I needed. I am So excited to be finishing up my Very First quilt. You are So Awesome! :0) Wendy T

  2. joellen dunlap SAYS...

    Once again, Wendy, you make the impossible (to a newbie) actually seem doable. Thank you for your easy to understand tutorials. Jo Dunlap

  3. Kathy SAYS...

    Excellent Video. Straight forward and easy to understand. I Enjoy your Tutorials. You are a terrific teacher. Kathy

  4. Mary Lynn Bartram SAYS...

    Awesome tutorial. Thanks for passing on your knowledge

  5. Pam Holer SAYS...

    Thank you for your brilliant tutorials. I have assembled the quilt top and want to back it with cuddle fleece, sewing in the ditch. Do you have any advice for quilting an alternate grid design?

    • Yes. Quilt it just like normal except that any time your stitching runs into the middle of another block, just backstitch a big, raise the needle, slide over the block, and pick up stitching in the ditch again on the other side.

  6. Pam Holer SAYS...

    That really helps, thank you. I’d got into a pickle doing bits here and there, ending up with a baggy mess of cuddle fleece. All unpicked and ready to try again!

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