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Archives: Week Thirteen

Let’s tiptoe down memory lane to see what I was doing during the thirteenth week of every year since the start of Shiny Happy World. 🙂 Click on the images to go to the posts.

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Carrot Full of Candy - free pattern

A cute cloth version of those little cellophane carrots you can fill with candy.


Tin Can Carrier - a free pattern from Shiny Happy World

This is SUCH a fun project! There’s a pineapple juice can in there, so any rocks (or other hard things) collected land with a very satisfying thunk. My daughter loved this thing when she was little. 😁


Flora the Felt Bird - a free pattern from Shiny Happy World

This little felt bird is so beautiful! And super easy to stitch!


How to Applique with Fusible Adhesive - all the steps - video tutorial

A video tutorial showing ALL the steps.


three stacked bunny faces made with the free Mix & Match Bunnies applique pattern from Shiny Happy World

Make a whole fluffle of bunnies with this FREE pattern!


Quilt As You Go - everything you need to know in one handy place

Everything you need to know about my particular method for Quilt As You Go and applique.


How to Crochet the Second Round on Amigurumi - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World and FreshStitches

Starting the second round of an amigurumi can be a little bit tricky. This post will get you over that hump – and then it’s smooth sailing.


bowl of colorful crocheted Easter eggs made with a free pattern from Shiny Happy World

An easy project for beginners – and a great way to use up yarn scraps!


***eligible for Week 13 sale***

My daughter’s favorite crochet pattern. She’s made so many of these little guys!


Remember when everyone was sewing masks? My daughter made and donated over 1000 of these!


I drew this silly green giraffe for a screen wallpaper. I make a new one every month, but did you know you can still get all the old designs? There are TONS to choose from!


***Included in Week 13 Sale***

I designed this pattern after I watched Turning Red. Red pandas are so cute!!!


I love that stripey tail!!!


A BIG new embroidery project! This cat surrounded by embroidered flowers is in an 18 inch hoop!

Ten Happy Things – the Floral Edition.