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Which loop to use when attaching…

Which Loop Do You Use When Attaching Amigurumi Pieces? - tips from FreshStitches and Shiny Happy World

Yay, it’s Tuesday… which means it’s time to share another amigurumi-making tip! This week, I’m answering a question sent in to me by Mary:

When attaching parts do you sew into both loops on the piece to be added? Which do you recommend?

Excellent question! And I have two answers.

The first answer is that it really doesn’t matter whether you attach your animal’s pieces using both loops or just one. Neither way results in a significantly different look. For the best results, you should be consistent throughout the piece about which one you use.

Okay, now the second answer is about what I do. I actually only use the back loops when attaching pieces.

There’s no real method to my madness- I think that, since I crochet through the back loop, it’s easier for me to attach through the back loop!

So, there you go… either way you want to do it will result in a happy amigurumi! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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Happy stitching!


  1. Dahlia SAYS...

    Love your blog!! You answered my question about attaching…thank you!!!

    I’m working on my first amigurumi and also stitch in the back loop.

  2. Debbie keller SAYS...

    I have problems attaching heads to the body’s without them looking horrible do you have a tutorial on this Thanks Debbie