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How to attach a flattened piece in amigurumi

How to Attach a Flattened Piece to Amigurumi - a tutorial from Shiny Happy World and FreshStitches

Every once in a while, you’ll come across instructions that tell you to ‘flatten piece, and attach’. But, what does that mean? Today, I’ll show you step-by-step!

Let’s assume we’ve followed the crochet instructions, and we have a piece (that’s been worked in the round), and we’ve fastened off. The piece will look something like this one:

how to attach a flattened piece

Now, we need to carry out the instruction ‘flatten piece’. It’s easy! Simply squish the piece closed, leaving your long tail on one side.

how to attach a flattened piece in amigurumi

Thread the long tail of your piece onto a tapestry needle (mine is shorter than usual for photo purposes!).

How to attach a flattened piece to amigurumi

Now, we need to do the ‘attach piece’ part. To attach a flattened piece, the key is that you want to go through both layers of your flattened piece.

How to attach a flattened piece to amigurumi

Run your tapestry needle through both layers of your piece, then through one stitch on your background work (just like you usually attach):

How to attach a flattened piece to amigurumi

Now, just repeat this last step, until you’ve attached your entire piece! Yay!

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  1. OK dumb question.
    Do you go back and forth between the piece and the body (like in a zigzag) or more like a circle where you would bring the needle back through in the same direction as the first stitch? Does that question make any sense?
    Put another way. In the pic above, the needle is moving from right to left through the pieces. Would the next stitch go the same way or travel back from left to right?
    Geesh, clear as mud.

    • Oh, that’s not a dumb question!
      I go in a circle (so, the needle is always moving through the stitches right to left), but I think that’s just personal preference. I don’t think anything would go wrong if you did a zig-zag… I just find the circle easiest!

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  3. Kara Aguilar SAYS...

    What do I do once I get to the end? So the piece is sewn onto my piece, how do I tie it off?